Monday, January 17, 2011

Dining Room Chairs New Outfit

The dining room chairs have been needin' a little help since they came to live with me a few years ago.  This set belonged to my MIL and the pastel blue and green chair cushions looked lovely in her home of whites and creams.  I had always admired this beautiful Ethan Allen is from their Country French line.  Ooooh, la la....just what I wanted.  Well, almost.  After their arrival, the lovely pastels were more akin to having a humongous zit on your nose for a first date...needless to say, their paleness stood out in my home of red and gold!  After pricing out fabric at Ethan Allen, I decided it would be a choice between buying a few yards of fabric or feeding my family for the entire year!    I chose the later and decided to look for alternate "outfits" for the chairs....amazingly, three years flew by and the chairs still glared at me on a daily basis.  Well, after meeting all the creative girls in the "bloghood...I decided it was time for action.  I can do it!!!!  Yes, I can!!!!  We have several discount fabric stores in our area and I scrounged through all of them....nothing looked good.  UGH!  And then I saw it...French script fabric.  I think I saw it on several of the blogs and also at Ballard Design.  Yes, that was it.  After several google searches I found the fabric on Etsy (I will have to see if I can find her site)  My, oh my was I excited to get it and take action.  Since I was not blogging yet, I only have the before and an after.  My dear hubby was soooo excited to help....ok, not exactly excited but at least he was willing.  I unscrewed the cushions and cut the fabric and he stapled!  In no time at all (around 30 minutes) all six chairs were dressed and ready for their debut!  Let's start with the old...

Oldie but goodie

New and improved!

There you have it!  These new outfits have changed my dining room  look from drab to fab.    Yes, this is my first "real" post.  Thanks for stopping and visiting.  I can't wait to meet you.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Welcome to my blog!  I love to have people to my "real" home but having a new blog home in the "cyberhood" is going to be a new experience for me. I love to talk but wrangling the words out of my cranial cavity for writing...well, that is a different story. My preference would be to have you come in to my physical home so we could sit and chat about what glue is working best, the drool worthy recipe you just tried or what is the most efficient product for removing paint from your hair...not that I would know anything about paint in my hair.   I have become  quite the observer of so many lovely blogs and can't wait to see what each of you have been "working" on.   So glad you stopped by and I look forward to meeting my new neighbors...Donna